History & philosophy

Di Madani sweaters possess their own design and personality with almost 40 years on the Argentinean market and abroad. Creativity is our first inspiration, with a distinguish brand and no excesses.
We consider the European fashion, but always with a personal and unique style that differences us. Season after season we renew ourselves to remain updated. The elegance, quality and design define Di Madani sweaters. The new collections are directed to urban women with a chic and seducer style.
Our success takes root in letting women indentify with the product, whichever their styles are.
Our story begins when Betty Koper and Bernardo Naimark who where just arrived to Buenos Aires from Montevideo, begin this successful production of sweater for women, and they manage to remain on the market for many years with a lot of effort and dedication.
We always use national and international textures and materials of high quality, in order to let our clients commercialize without inconvenient. With an incredible tireless responsibility and an excellent spirit for a job well done, Mariza and Daniel Teveles, continue working since long time ago, to manage how to remain the prestige and continuity of the company.
We are proud to consider ourselves leaders of sells in Argentina, and letting our company to be one of the favorite brand chosen by the consumer.